Quality control is performed by a team of specialists for quality control and standardization (QCS), which is a department independent from the production and reporting to Head of Quality. The responsibilities of the QCS include: 

  •incoming raw materials check
  •quality of the production processes
  •finished goods quality control/approval
1.Incomming Raw Material Control 
Managing the quality of incoming raw materials can greatly improve operational performance,produce better quality goods and increase profitability.Our purchase deparment inspect each batch of raw material according to requirements of different products that usually includes,
  The raw material must be suitable to the product
  The raw material must be suitable to the process
  The raw material must meet customers'requirements 
Inspection is normally combined with sampling and is the most important part of raw material inspection.
2.Production Processes Control 

JOA metal parts controls the quality of the manufacturing process at each stage of the processing from the very beginning till the very end.We have established stringent specifications that define the performance profile of each product,and we perform continual measurement and testing during production.by recording all necessary information into journals assigned to each point of control throughout the entire production process.
3.Finished Product Inspection and Testing 

Finished product is necessary to cross check the previous operations.The problem is to decide the minimum level of inspection.
Final inspection for dimensions,appearance,assembly,function,packing and other parameters are performed in the finished goods.

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