Joawa-Hardware Branch of Joawa Mold Co.,Ltd.Since 1999 we have been specialising in the manufacture of high quality sheet metal components & fabrications in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel & Aluminium.
    Our expertise encompasses,stamping, casting,forging,welding;Also included the various of surface treatment,Like Zinc plated,Chorme plated,Nickel plated,Anodizing, heat treatment etc.
    Through the years the company has expanded in both technology and customer base.n 2005,Since that time the ongoing efficiency, through continuous improvements and capital investment, has moved the focus of manufacture into larger casting projects covering all industries and casting users, complementing the existing aluminium and zinc customer base.

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    ADD: Huaxin Industrial Zone, Jin feng huang Main Road, Feng gang Town, Dong guan City, Guang dong, China
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